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How to Influence People: Use the Laws of Power: Analyze and Win Friends Using Subliminal Manipulation, Persuasion, Dark Psychology, Hypnosis, N Cover Image
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Manipulation: The Complete Guide to Reading and Influencing People through Dark Psychology, Mind Control, Persuasion, NLP, and Body Cover Image
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Dark Psychology Secrets: THIS BOOK INCLUDES: DARK PSYCHOLOGY How to influence people, manage your emotions and effectively use the power of man Cover Image
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Cómo Analizar a las Personas: La guía práctica para comprender el lenguaje corporal: Cómo saber leer el lenguaje no verbal mediante la psicología de Cover Image
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Research Methods for the Behavioral Sciences Cover Image
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The Red Chair: When Traditional Psychiatry Is Not Enough, a Psychiatrist and His Patient Discover the Power of Past-Life Regression. Cover Image
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No Ordinary Stalking: a look at organized stalking and electronic harassment Cover Image
By June Ti
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Emotional Intelligence: The Definitive Guide to Understanding Your Emotions, How to Improve Your EQ and Your Relationships (Emotional Intellig Cover Image
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How to Analyze People: The Ultimate GUIDE to Mastering the Art of READING PEOPLE through BODY LANGUAGE. Learn TIPS to detect SIGNS of Lying, Cover Image
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How to Stop Overthinking: 8 Proven, Practical Techniques to End Anxiety, Stop Negative Thinking, Overcome Worrying and Live a Healthier, Happier (Change Your Life #1) Cover Image
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Sizing Up Consciousness: Towards an Objective Measure of the Capacity for Experience Cover Image
What the Face Reveals: Basic and Applied Studies of Spontaneous Expression Using the Facial Action Coding System (Facs) Cover Image
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