Cryptic Crosswords for Fun, Volume 4! (Paperback)

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Keep your brain fit while having fun

A complete volume of Cryptic Crosswords with American spelling in both the answers and clues, and American references. There's something here for everyone, but there are quite a few clues that require some knowledge of American sport, culture, or history. Care has been taken to avoid especially British abbreviations or references, and where words differ in spelling between UK and US, the expected spelling is clearly indicated after the clue.

All solutions are provided in full, with both a completed grid and annotations, so you can see the intent of the clue. All answers are also provided in "Keyed Answer Lookup" format, a feature designed by P. Leslie Aldridge, which allows you to look up the answer to a clue without seeing the other answers in the puzzle - a great help if you are stuck.

There are 40 cryptic crosswords - over 1200 clues, all new and all original. The clues are full of clever wordplay and a range of clue types - anagrams, doubles definitions, hidden words, reversals, double meanings. Each puzzle has some easier clues and plenty of challenging ones too. These puzzles will help keep your brain fit, and are a lot of fun

If this is your first book of cryptic crosswords, it's a great place to start There is a cryptic crossword primer to get you started, and all answers are fully annotated, so you can see the meaning behind the clues.

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ISBN: 9798685799227
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: October 3rd, 2020
Pages: 102
Language: English