Glimpses of God's Heart: Divinely Inspired Daily Devotions (Paperback)

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This beautifully written daily devotional book offers 366 doses of inspirational wisdom sprinkled with a wealth of motivational advice for those seeking empowerment through God's word during life's toughest situations.

Who is Glimpses of God's Heart for?

This book of daily readings is for you if:

  • You are a committed Christian looking for something that will help you grow closer and deeper in your relationship with God. Each daily devotional consists of a word from the heart of God with references to supporting scriptures.
  • You are being challenged by what life is throwing at you and need something that you can read every day to be encouraged and inspired. These meditations are imbued with wisdom from the author's decades of work as a psychotherapist, her personal relationship with the Source of Wisdom, and her knowledge of scripture.
  • You are curious about God and wonder what it would be like to have a relationship with a Divine Being. Here is your chance to get an inside view of just such a relationship as the author shares intimate conversation from her lifelong relationship with God.
  • You have been wounded by the Christian church but don't want to give up on Jesus. These devotions are written by someone who has been there and back The author has a deep love for the church and for those who have been wounded by it.
  • You have experienced psychological trauma and you need daily support to triumph over that trauma. The author writes both from her personal experience with overcoming the impact of trauma and also from her work as a trauma counselor.
  • You are trying to do Step 3 in the AA 12-Step program. Author Gwen Wellington calls herself the "queen of codependents" - you will benefit from this book's candid expose of her ongoing effort to hand her will and her life over to the care of a loving God.

Throughout her adult life, retired psychotherapist and pastor, Gwen Wellington, has practiced the art of listening to the voice of God in her daily meditation time. In each daily reading, she shares what she has heard, providing glimpses into the heart of the God who has empowered her to experience transformation in her various life experiences and challenges. She provides an example of this process in the introduction:

Four years ago, I found myself in the disconcerting situation of wrapping up my counseling practice without any clear sense of where I was headed. All I knew was that my body was telling me I had to make a change. I felt lost and very sad, because I loved my counseling work and I couldn't conceive that anything else would ever be as rewarding and satisfying. The following words from God became my anchor as I navigated the transition.

My treasure, my love:
Even though you feel lost, you're not.
Even though you think you don't know the way, you do.
Even though you think you're giving up something extremely valuable,
You simply are making room for something just as valuable.
Walk confidently into the future, my love
I have such joy planned for you
Embrace this time of change and the change itself.
Know that I surround you and I go before you.
I fill you and I energize you.
It's you and me together, sashaying boldly into the future.
You'll see
What joy
Pure, unadulterated joy
You and me together.
Yes. I like it

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ISBN: 9781999427108
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Publisher: Gwen Wellington
Publication Date: August 9th, 2018
Pages: 432
Language: English