New Geographies 09: Posthuman (Paperback)

New Geographies 09: Posthuman Cover Image
By Mariano Gomez-Luque (Editor), Ghazal Jafari (Editor)
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"Posthuman" signals a historical condition in which the coordinates of human existence on the planet are altered by profound technological, ecological, biopolitical, and spatial transformations. Engendering new ways of being in the world, this condition challenges long-established definitions of the "human," and by extension, of the human environment. Interpreting design as a geographical agent deeply involved in the territorial engravings of contemporary urbanization, New Geographies 09 investigates the urban landscapes shaping the posthuman geographies of the early 21st century, fostering a wide-ranging debate about both the potentials and challenges for design to engage with the complex spatialities, more-than-human ecologies, and diverse forms and habits of life in a post-anthropocentric world.
With Contributions by Rosalind Williams, Erik Swyngedouw, Cary Wolfe, McKenzie Wark, Jason Moore, Benjamin Bratton, Luciana Parisi, Eyal Weizman, Shannon Mattern, Rosetta Elkin, Mimi Sheller, and Stephen Graham, among others.

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ISBN: 9781945150722
ISBN-10: 1945150726
Publisher: Actar
Publication Date: February 15th, 2018
Pages: 224
Language: English
Series: New Geographies