Backyard Chickens for Beginners: A Complete Guide to Choose Which Breed is Right for You, Select the Best Feeding and Build Your Chicken Coop and Run. (Paperback)

Backyard Chickens for Beginners: A Complete Guide to Choose Which Breed is Right for You, Select the Best Feeding and Build Your Chicken Coop and Run. Cover Image
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Backyard chickens can be a great source of fresh eggs and fun, or even meat. They are low maintenance and offer us a wide range of benefits that other pets don't. A lot of people need to realize how to raise chickens and how to produce more meat and eggs. The yield relies upon different components, including the type of breed you rare, the food you utilize, the shelter you give and obviously, the care you give. It is very simple however, no matter the exertion applied to raise chicks healthily. At the point when you give the right care, you will appreciate tasty and fresh meat and eggs. Check out the steps that give you a thought on the best way to raise chickens effectively. First of all, analyze what you need to get from raising chickens. You can either raise them for eggs, for meat or for no reason in particular (maybe for fun). You should choose a breed that is contingent upon your needs. Along these lines, you will get the most extreme fulfillment from raising chickens.

By reading and applying everything described in this book you will learn:

  • Why raise chickens
  • Which breed is right for you
  • Planning and buying your chickens
  • How to build your chicken coop
  • Caring for your baby chicks
  • Adult chicken care
  • Chicken food and water
  • Introducing new backyard chickens into a flock
  • Eggs production
  • Maintaining your flock healthy
  • Common chicken problems
  • And much more

Give them an appropriate haven: After choosing the breed, you should give the chickens a decent safe house. To give ideal security, it is prudent to make a chicken coop. These offer security to the birds by guarding them against predators and the intruders. The coop will likewise give them warmth, as long as it is outfitted with enough lights. It is ideal if the shelter has a nesting territory with nesting boxes where the chickens can lay their eggs.

Right nourishment for great health: As far as health is concerned, the chicks ought to be given run free access to a territory that has bugs and seeds for them to eat. Furnish the birds with balanced and healthy feeds with nutritious enhancements to guarantee they will live long. Give them enough clean water. This will enable the chicks to grow in good health and lay eggs all the more effectively.

Shield them from ailments: Protecting the chicks from infections is a central point that you ought to think about when raising chickens. When you mastermind immunizations, you'll have no issue with raising chickens. By and large, chicks are fragile and they are prone to infections. The most widely recognized infection that chickens can get is Coccidiosis. Recollect that this disease is infectious and will spread effectively to different chicks. Rather than worrying over relieving it, it is very wise to avert it ahead of time. Get familiar with this infection before raising chickens.

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