Dynamic Power Management Energy Harvesting Integration (Paperback)

Dynamic Power Management Energy Harvesting Integration By Neetu Mehta Cover Image
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Dynamic Power Management (DPM) is a technique employed in heterogeneous wireless sensor networks (WSNs) to optimize energy consumption by dynamically adjusting the power state of sensor nodes based on their current workload and requirements. It involves selectively activating or deactivating components of the nodes to conserve energy while ensuring the desired network performance.Energy Harvesting Integration refers to the incorporation of energy harvesting techniques into the WSN to supplement or replace the traditional battery-based power supply. Energy harvesting utilizes ambient energy sources such as solar, wind, vibration, or thermal energy to generate electrical power for the sensor nodes. This integration enables the nodes to replenish their energy levels and extend their operational lifetime without relying solely on finite battery power.By combining Dynamic Power Management with Energy Harvesting Integration, the heterogeneous WSN can intelligently adapt its power usage based on real-time conditions and leverage harvested energy to mitigate the energy limitations. This integration optimizes energy utilization, prolongs the network's lifetime, and enhances its resilience in environments with scarce energy resources.

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Publication Date: May 30th, 2023
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