Melodic Minor Guitar Cookbook (Paperback)

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Ready to add the secret ingredients of the Melodic Minor modes to your Rock Guitar solos?

The Melodic Minor Guitar Cookbook takes a look at the 7 modes of the Melodic Minor scale through a rock guitarist's eyes and teaches you how to add its distinct flavours to your music.

Welcome to the Melodic Minor Guitar Cookbook

All modern rock guitarists will benefit from adding Melodic Minor flavour to their improvisations. While these "secret sounds" are often associated with jazz, they can be effectively added to your rock solos to create fresh new approaches. This guide to the melodic minor scale builds on what you already know about soloing by adding a taste of the exotic to the recipe

Learn the Melodic Minor Modes

Each mode of Melodic Minor contains a set of intervals that are unique, and which distinguish its sound from all the others. These are the "sweet notes" of the mode, and by targeting them we have a recipe for bringing out its unique flavour.

The Melodic Minor Guitar Cookbook teaches how to use these sweet notes to bring out creative melodies in your soloing. You'll break away from conventional scales and add some real spice to your creative ideas.

There are detailed explanations, friendly diagrams, and loads of real musical examples that will quickly teach you how to use the Melodic Minor modes in a rock guitar soloing context.

Practical Application of Melodic Minor Modes for Guitar

The focus is on the application of each "recipe" and how to enhance your existing knowledge, rather than rewriting the rulebook of electric guitar soloing. Of course, we cover the essential theory, but this book is all about quickly adding intelligent, articulate, fresh ingredients to your playing.

Master the tasty secrets of:

- Melodic Minor

- Dorian b2

- Lydian #5

- Lydian Dominant

- Mixolydian b6

- Aeolian b5

- Super Locrian (AKA the Altered Scale)

Rock Guitarists Unite with Melodic Minor Scales

This book will help you to quickly and efficiently master the Melodic Minor modes to transform your playing with sophisticated licks, language and new creative ideas. Let's show the world that jazz isn't the only place you can go to hear a mix of spicy licks and smooth phrases - these are all great flavours to bring into your modern rock guitar soloing.

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