Pleasing God: by Knowing and Doing His Will (Paperback)

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Are you unsure of what it takes to please God? Is the concept of God's will mysterious to you? Are either of these issues of practical importance in making life choices, great or small? Does either offer practical help in managing daily issues like anxiety, time, money, etc?

The only objective answers that we have to these questions are to be found in the imperative statements of the Bible. They inform us of what God wants us to be and do. They provide both instruction and wisdom that enable us to make good decisions in a life that pleases Him.

The author has collected the imperative statements of the Bible that apply to us and organized them into 137 different topics. Each is presented alphabetically as a single-page restatement of the relevant imperatives in paragraph form. Every sentence is footnoted to at least one of over 5,000 source references which are listed on the opposing page. There is no personal commentary except for the author's introduction and epilog. The Bible speaks for itself. Discussion questions for each topic are included at the back of the book.

This book should be a valuable resource for parents, teachers, students, personal topical Bible study, and group leaders of nearly all age groups and levels of spiritual maturity.

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ISBN: 9781736338919
ISBN-10: 1736338919
Publisher: William P Bunnell
Publication Date: February 9th, 2021
Pages: 376
Language: English