How to Deal with Toxic People (Paperback)

How to Deal with Toxic People By Jantz Ph. D. Gregory L., Keith Wall (With) Cover Image
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Packed with real-life stories, biblical suggestions, proven tips, and practical steps, Dr. Gregory Jantz's handbook will give you courage and tenacity as you take the first steps on the path toward wholeness and wellbeing.

With boundaries, problem-solving, and mutual respect, find the tools to turn strained relationships into ones that are enjoyable, supportive and rewarding. In this practical counseling book, you will learn:
  • The tell-tale signs of a toxic person
  • The roots of toxic behavior
  • How to evaluate whether you should hang in or move on
  • Effective ways to deal with criticism
  • How to focus on healthy problem-solving
  • How to set and hold boundaries, and reclaim your life
The Deceiver. The Gaslighter. The Guilter. The Control Freak. And the Put-down Artist. They are toxic people, and they create turmoil in nearly every setting: work, home, church, school, and relationships of all kinds. Toxic people keep you off-balance; they poison relationships, they stir up discord, making you feel that you are the dysfunctional one. How to Deal with Toxic People offers practical guidance from one of today's favorite Christian authors.

4 Key Features of This Christian Counseling Book on Dealing with Toxic Behaviors
In How to Deal with Toxic People, Dr. Gregory Jantz examines the kind of behavior that defines a toxic person, the common origins of toxic traits, the ways in which a toxic person impacts the lives of others, and--most importantly--what you can do to protect yourself from toxic people. Enjoy having these key features:
  • Simple summaries and easy-to-understand explanations
  • Practical steps to protect yourself from toxic people, backed by science and by scripture
  • Charts that show key information at a glance
  • Relatable stories that show you how to apply biblical truths to your life
Dr. Jantz shows you that it is possible to free yourself from the effects of toxic people in your life. In fact, it's vital that you do so to protect and promote your own well-being. You can learn to choose healthy, fulfilling, mutually rewarding, and uplifting relationships--and to drastically limit or end those that don't measure up. You deserve to be treated by others with respect, honor, and dignity at all times. God wants you to be free

Perfect for:
  • Group and individual use
  • Church library
  • To hand to a friend
  • Biblical and pastoral counseling

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