After the Moonrise (Hardcover)

After the Moonrise By Richard Lo Cover Image
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In this sequel to Rich Lo's After the Snowfall, a raccoon and a skunk go foraging for food, passing several other nocturnal animals as they head toward a cornfield. Moonlight pierces the scattered clouds/ A raccoon makes her way towards a distant cornfield/ A skunk climbs out under a rotted tree and joins the raccoon on her journey/ Startled, bats flutter from under an old bridge/ An owl takes off from the roof of a barn/ A coyote howls from a faraway hill/ The raccoon and skunk come to a wooden gate at the end of an old farm road/ Flickers of moonlight guide the raccoon and skunk to the cornfield/ Hidden among the corn stalks, they gorge themselves on the sweet kernels/ Suddenly a dog barks /Lights come on inside a farmhouse/ The raccoon and skunk race out of the corn field/ When the barking stops, the two head back into the woods, their bellies full/ They part ways at the skunk's home. A family of deer peek through the trees/The raccoon stops to look at the cornfield/ After the moonrise.

About the Author

Rich Lo, founder of Artclicker, is a professional artist that can combine technical excellence with uncompromising imagination. The result is a compilation of works that are both rich in tradition and pertinent to today's trends and styles. He is the author/illustrator of Father's Chinese Opera, Mountain Chef, and New Year. He lives in Chicago.

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ISBN: 9781493064342
ISBN-10: 1493064347
Publisher: Muddy Boots
Publication Date: August 15th, 2022
Pages: 32
Language: English