You Can Issue It, But Can You Take It When It Comes Back to You? (Hardcover)

You Can Issue It, But Can You Take It When It Comes Back to You? Cover Image
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Maya Sanders has had enough drama to last a lifetime. For too long has Maya withstood the slings and arrows of those close to her-her aunts, uncles, and cousins; her daughter's father; his mother; and any number of so-called friends. Now she is ready to open a Pandora's box and share secrets about herself and others that everyone believed would go with them to their graves. She tells her story with the hope that when she's done, everything will finally be out in the open.

In her memoir, she recalls the forty-year grieving process that she has undergone in order to get where she is today. She has overcome the sense of being held hostage by those whom she believed loved her. Exploring the tragic circumstances of her life, she discusses all the pain she experienced and affirms that God has given her the strength to move on.

Maya shares the honest saga of her trials and tribulations as she tried to navigate the world on the streets of Chicago. Now, after decades of grief and healing within the comforting arms of God, Maya is ready to finally say goodbye to her pain.

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ISBN: 9781475981667
ISBN-10: 147598166X
Publisher: iUniverse
Publication Date: April 11th, 2013
Pages: 214
Language: English