Valley Speak: Deciphering the Jargon of Silicon Valley (Paperback)

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Silicon Valley has a lingo of its own -- from unicorns to pivoting to growth hacking -- that while colorful can also be rather opaque. This is the definitive guide to the unique words used in the Bay Area startup scene, helping everyone from people who want to do business here to those who just want to watch HBO's Silicon Valley without being confused. It's designed to be thorough and accurate while including a touch of humor (because face it, the way people talk in Silicon Valley can often be a bit ridiculous )

If you've wanted a way to break into the exciting conversation that is happening in Silicon Valley, this book is for you. Or if you're already in Silicon Valley, you may become frustrated when your colleagues in other places just don't "get" how things are done here and wish you had a handy primer to give them. You may be familiar with some of the terms, but wish that you had a deeper understanding, so that you could use them with more confidence. Valley Speak features the top 100 Silicon Valley words and phrases and will help anyone navigate the Silicon Valley ecosystem like a pro.

About the Author

Rochelle’s keen interest in language and culture led her to learn Japanese and work in Japan, starting her on her path as a cross-cultural business consultant. She’s written extensively in both English and Japanese on intercultural and global business topics. More recently she has turned to the area where she lives and works, Silicon Valley, to help people better understand the language and culture there as well.

Steve is the Founder of Teamifier, a startup to support collaborative, crowdsourced problem-solving. He has worked in Silicon Valley for over 10 years, both for startups and consulting to startups and research labs. In his consulting, Steve has helped clients plan, implement, validate, and/or promote their core technologies.

Praise For…

“Dogfooding? Decacorn? Those mystified by Silicon Valley jargon now have their own dictionary.”

— Word on the Street, The Wall Street Journal

“I wish I had written this book. With it you'll be able to convince anyone that you're a Silicon Valley insider.”

— Guy Kawasaki, Chief Evangelist, Canva and former Chief Evangelist, Apple

“The speed with which technology created in Silicon Valley has changed the world is well known. The Valley's unique and fast changing vocabulary should be equally well known and understood. This book makes it easy and fun for the reader to understand, catch up and hang on as Silicon Valley surges ahead.”

— William H. Draper III, General Partner, Draper Richards, and Author, The Startup Game

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ISBN: 9780997436402
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Publisher: Genetius Publishing
Publication Date: May 17th, 2016
Pages: 282
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