Intermediate Mechanics of Materials (Paperback)

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Intermediate Mechanics of Materials is designed for the second course in mechanics of materials. In the first course, the students are introduced to mechanics of materials variables, the relationship between these variables, and the use of these variables in the development of the simplest theories of one-dimensional structural elements of axial rods, torsion of circular shafts, and symmetric bending of beams. Intermediate Mechanics of Materials builds on this foundation by incorporating temperature, material non-homogeneities, material non-linearities, and geometric complexities. This book is independent of the one used in the learning and teaching of the first course of mechanics of materials.The growth of new disciplines such as plastic and biomedical engineering has increased emphasis on incorporating non-linear material behavior in engineering design and analysis. Incorporating material non-homogeneity is also growing with the increased use of metal matrix composites, polymer composites, reinforced concrete, and wooden beams stiffened with steel strips and other laminated structures. Residual stresses to increase load carrying capacity of metals, unsymmetric bending, shear center, beam and shaft vibrations, beams on elastic foundations, Timoshenko beams, are all complexities that are acquiring greater significance in engineering. In Intermediate Mechanics of Materials, the author shows the modularity of the logic, shown on the front cover of the book. The repetitive use of this logic demonstrates the ease with which the aforementioned complexities can be incorporated into the simple theories of the first course and used for design and analysis of simple structures.For additional details see

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