KnitLit: Sweaters and Their Stories...and Other Writing About Knitting (Paperback)

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Whether you’re a dedicated knitter who bestows lovingly crafted gifts upon family and friends at every possible occasion, a sometimes knitter with a bag of fully conceived but half-completed projects, or a newcomer who has recently taken up the needles with great gusto, you know the rewards that this hobby can bring. You may also know that knitting as a hobby can verge on obsession—be it the compulsive purchasing of stunning hand-spun wool, the desire to rip out nearly finished sweaters because you dropped a stitch, or the need to knit wherever, whenever, or however you can. Most important, though, knitting offers a camaraderie, a society of women and men who converse in a language all their own, flock to yarn stores with religious devotion, and can recite the time and place where they first learned to purl. These feelings are what KnitLit is all about. In this charming collection of stories, essays, anecdotes, and recollections, knitters of every “color” celebrate their hobby and share with you the joy it brings into their lives.

From the touching tale of a caring woman whose hand-knit dolls bring security to young hospital patients, to the hilarious story of a woman scorned who sends her ex-boyfriend a scarf knit with wolf hair only to have it torn to shreds by his dogs, to the moving recollection of a man whose grandmother’s dying wish was to knit all the wool in her knitting stash, to the finely wrought account of a man who keeps alive the memories of his companions and friends who have succumbed to AIDS by wearing the sweaters they left behind, KnitLit is a gift from knitters to knitters—crafted with as much love and care as an afghan or a wool scarf. Wrap yourself in KnitLit, and be inspired.

About the Author

LINDA ROGHAAR is a literary agent based in Massachusetts who started knitting as a young woman and recently took up the needles again after a thirty-year hiatus. The author of A Place Like Any Other and Angels and Dragons, Molly Wolf is a sometimes knitter and book editor in Canada.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780609808245
Publisher: Harmony
Publication Date: September 24th, 2002
Pages: 288