Hit Record (Paperback)

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By Tara C
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Obsessed or possessed? Tara C. Dance-House chanteuse spins a tale of Music, Sex, Violence and Intrigue. Check it: On the road to success it's ride or die and in Honey's world you have to make your own moves Striving to create a thriving music career as an unsigned artist tackling inner demons while maintaining control for inner peace struggling to stay focused amidst every thing that seems to be working against you while laying the foundation for stardom and that HIT RECORD.walk Honey's odyssey of debauchery, lust and mayhem. The truth keeps you reeling as she name drops on celebs, rappers, singers and talents of the 'Whose Who" in the entertainment industry. You know it aint a lie, cos any one in 'The Biz" will have to recognize the obsessed, the driven or the so many others that come into their world to play at the price of use and abuse. No matter the outcome it's ineffable.It's Murder in Music Land Every artiste has a story. This is Honey's. Adult content and extremely sensitive material.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780595350704
ISBN-10: 0595350704
Publisher: iUniverse
Publication Date: June 30th, 2005
Pages: 244
Language: English