Spirit X: Spirituality for the Global and Digital Age - Basic Principles (Paperback)

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Spirit X is a spiritual teaching for our global and digital age. It honors and integrates the best from East, West, North and South, such as wisdom traditions, rationality, culture, science, technology and much more. In times of crisis, Spirit X is a call and a vision for more Unity, Peace, Freedom, Love and Fulfillment, both within and without, both individually and collectively. As a teaching, Spirit X acknowledges and suggests that genuine spirituality is no longer an individual choice but a personal, cultural, evolutionary and spiritual necessity. May Spirit X contribute to the sanity, happiness and Awakening of All.

About the Author

Nikola Anandamali Ristic is an author, philosopher and spiritual teacher. With a Ph.D in philosophy and vast cultural, educational and spiritual experiences, Nikola has devoted his life to creating a vision of spirituality for our both challenging and inspiring times. He offers talks, workshops, retreats, online programs and private sessions. Originally from Serbia, Nikola lives in Santa Cruz, CA with his wife Shawna, son Neven and cat Luna.


Praise For…

“To say that Nikola Ristic is holistic is like saying that the ocean is salty.” - Philip Goldberg, author of Spiritual Practice for Crazy Times; The Life of Yogananda; American Veda

“Spirit X should be on every nightstand and coffee table for our daily inspiration and spiritual practice.” - Martin Ucik, author of Integral Relationships: A Manuel for Men and Sex, Purpose, Love: Couples in Integral Relationships Creating a Better World

“Using short, pithy chapters to deliver his teachings, Ananda weaves dharma, practice and evolution of consciousness into a seamless declaration of an integral spirituality for our digital age.”
Dustin DiPerna, author of Streams of Wisdom

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ISBN: 9780578790176
ISBN-10: 0578790173
Publisher: Nikola Anandamali Ristic
Publication Date: November 25th, 2020
Pages: 374
Language: English