Celiac Disease: Volume 179 (Hardcover)

Celiac Disease: Volume 179 By Ainara Castellanos-Rubio (Volume Editor), Lorenzo Galluzzi (Volume Editor) Cover Image
By Ainara Castellanos-Rubio (Volume Editor), Lorenzo Galluzzi (Volume Editor)
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Celiac Disease, Volume 179 in the Methods in Cell Biology series is composed of extensive protocols about novel and widely used techniques for celiac disease research. Topics covered in this volume include Pepsin trypsin digested gliadin treatment of intestinal cells in vitro, Ex vivo Gliadin Stimulation of Intestinal Cells, Measuring intestinal permeability in celiac disease ex vivo using Ussing chambers, Intestinal permeability assessment using lactulose and mannitol, In vivo sensitization to gliadin by oral administration, Separation of epithelial and immune cells from intestinal biopsy samples, Isolation and study of dendritic cells and macrophages from human intestinal samples, Gnobiotic mouse models to study gluten sensitivity, and more.

Other sections in this new release include In vitro differentiation of macrophages from peripheral blood cells of celiac patients, Assessment of activated gut-homing CD8+ T cells in blood by flow cytometry during a three-day gluten challenge, Isolation, cryopreservation and thawing of peripheral blood mononuclear cells for downstream applications, and more.

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ISBN: 9780443192029
ISBN-10: 0443192022
Publisher: Academic Press
Publication Date: August 21st, 2023
Pages: 228
Language: English
Series: Methods in Cell Biology