Dance Music Manual: Volume 2: Music Theory and Practical Composition (Paperback)

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Understanding music theory and structure is essential for a dance musician s success in producing original music; in this book Snoman breaks down and covers musical construction from a dance musician s perspective showing how the technology comes together to produce a commercial track.

The first section offers a "lite" introduction to music theory; anyone serious about getting their tracks to the next level has to master a bit of theory Section 2 is a unique tutorial walking readers through the production of a typical club track. The track built throughout the second part of the book is already set for commercial release, readers are learning the how from a successful publicly released track.

For readers of the Dance Music Manual, Vol. 1, Volume 2 is a must have additional buy. Volume 2 complements and builds on Volume 1, which covers the recording and genres of dance music. Together, they form the ultimate Dance Music Manual

* Teaches the music theory and how its specifically applicable to dance and club music * Shows how dance music construction and production come together through successful released commercially available club track * The Dance Music Manual vol 1 sold a total of 8,682 unit in the first edition and to date the second edition 3340 units ( published Nov 2008)

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ISBN: 9780240521961
Publisher: Focal Press
Publication Date: September 1st, 2011
Pages: 504