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Holiday/Winter Newsletter

Dear Customers,

In a recent article titled ‘Advice for Living,’ Ruth Bader Ginsberg remarked that she is often asked how she navigated the road that led her to the Supreme Court, a position from which she could advocate the equal-citizenship stature of women and men as a fundamental constitutional principle. She said, “What enabled me to take part in the effort to free our daughters and sons to achieve whatever their talents equipped them to accomplish, with no artificial barriers blocking their way? First, a mother who, by her example, made  reading a delight and counseled me constantly to ‘be independent,’ able to fend for myself, whatever fortune might have in store for me.”
This message has special meaning for me. Until the age of twelve, I was an indifferent reader. During a family vacation (I was one of nine), when it rained every day, my own mother handed me an Agatha Christie novel into which I blissfully escaped! She went on to introduce me to a host of wonderful authors and a love of reading that has enriched my life. No matter what you hope for your child, there's no better thing you can impart than a love of reading. It's truly a passport to explore the world, to reach beyond boundaries of race or religion, and to imagine lives different from one’s own—the essential key to empathy and compassion.

There are many great books out this season, a sampling of which are noted in our holiday newsletter. Our knowledgable staff look forward to seeing you and helping you select the perfect gift for everyone on your list. 

Thank you for your continued support and very best wishes for the Holidays from all of us at Barrett Bookstore!


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