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We Liked These Mysteries & Thrillers

Descent, Tim Johnston
The Courtland family's idyllic Rocky Mountain vacation turns inro a nightmare when eighteen-year-old Caitlin doesn't return from a morning run. Spanning three years, Descent explores how each family member copes with the disappearance. A beautifully written story which escalates into a heart pounding finale.  Robin Harvey

The Girl on a Train, Paula Hawkins
To keep up appearances, Rachel rides the train each morning to a job she no long has due to her drinking problem.  On route she passes her old neighborhood, where a few houses from her former home - now occupied by her ex and his new wife - she sees a couple whose life she imagines as perfect as her own is dreadful.  One day, however she witnesses a shocking scene which shatters her ideas and draws her into a nightmare where nothing is as it seems. Compulsively readable. Sheila Daley

The Kind Worth Killing, Peter Swamson
If you are looking for the next Gone Girl,  this is the psychological thriller you have been waiting for. Full of deliciously bad people, this book will keep you up late at night to find out what is going to happen next. While it may not restore your faith in humanity, you will be disappointed to reach the end. I loved it!     Tatum Fichthorn

A Small Indiscretion, Jan Ellison
Told from the perspective of Annie Black, in a letter to her son, spanning over 20 years of her life, this book will make you realize how decisions in your past will always have an impact on your life. Part thriller, part romance you'll want to stick around to see how this one ends.                      Tatum Fichthorn

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